Our Mission

Chapter and Verse Mission

Our Mission is to provide quality education to the students for overall development i.e; Mental, Moral, Physical and cultural problems.

Also to educate the students in a manner which may enable them to grow into a responsible and conscientious citizen of Pakistan.

To educate students with the explicit purpose of creating within them dynamic learning corners like initiative, decision making, skills, planning, sharing, and cooperating efforts to master skills, adherence to rule and ability to reason and express their views. We aim at building self confidence and respected in our students.

We strictly adhere to the norms and objectives of the curriculum of required boards.

Funfair scheduled on 9th Feburary, 2017

  • Venue: Staff Club Ground ,University of Karachi.
    Timming: 10am to 6pm
    Organised by Chapter and Verse School, student organization
    Ideal marketing available through Sponsership
    Limited stalls still available(size 10 by 10)
    Single table:Rs 3000
    Double table:RS 5000

    Entry ticket :Adult Rs.100 / Child Rs.50
    For further information please call 34992569/34992579