Parent Teachers Association

  • Mrs. Huma Khalid
  • Ms. Rubina Afsar
  • Mrs. Razia Javed
  • Ms. Sheher Bano
  • Mr. Arif Ali Khan
  • Mr. Azhar Khan
  • Mrs. Aliya ARshad
  • Mrs. Erum Hammad
  • Mr. Saleem Shahzad
    Funfair scheduled on 9th Feburary, 2017

    • Venue: Staff Club Ground ,University of Karachi.
      Timming: 10am to 6pm
      Organised by Chapter and Verse School, student organization
      Ideal marketing available through Sponsership
      Limited stalls still available(size 10 by 10)
      Single table:Rs 3000
      Double table:RS 5000

      Entry ticket :Adult Rs.100 / Child Rs.50
      For further information please call 34992569/34992579